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Why you should consider hiring a foreign developer company.

Everyone knows the world is in constant technological evolution. However, the Coronavirus pandemic boosted these changes, especially in the job market.

As you've probably seen, many companies have embraced the fully remote model. Bringing geographic flexibility, reduced commute time, cost savings, and other benefits.

Although this happened in a way that nobody imagined and taught us, in a forced way, how to work 100% online. Currently, more than ever, it's also possible to work with people from all over the world.

This situation brings us some advantages:

  1. Lowest Cost: The starting salary for a newly graduated US developer with no experience is $6000 according to Glassdoor. Due to the conversion of currencies from different countries, with the same budget, it is possible to hire an experienced developer in Brazil, for example.

  2. Brings more diversity: In the innovative world, having different people, with different cultures can bring your company a large and new perspective of your product and it also might help you to grow in different countries.

  3. New possibilities: With the high demand, it is increasingly competitive and more difficult to find good technology professionals available in the market. Hiring a team from another country brings you countless other options.

Do you have a product that requires specialized work and you need a highly qualified team, for a fair price?


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