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The Most Modern Architecture For Your Website: Microservices

Atualizado: 14 de fev. de 2022

Introduction As many things in life, over the years, the processes, products and services we know, suffer a reformulation and, in most cases, it brings better and updated solutions for old things. When talking about the digital world, there is no difference! The microservices architecture, which is getting more and more repercussions, is a new way of structuring and organizing the applications of a website, suggesting a software, such as a website, to be subdivided instead of centralized. With this in mind, let’s see how it properly works and understand and see why it is not a trend but a new and modern architecture that is changing the digital market. Main Monolithic Architecture We can’t talk about microservices without mentioning the most known web architecture that we are used to. Monolithic Architecture is the traditional website architecture that proposes all the pieces be in one. All the website components parts are at the same core. It’s easily chosen by people, once it's the most famous model, when it comes to a software chain, up to nowadays. It’s simple and, most of the time, quite fast to implement, as well. However, although it seems to be a good option, there are many things to consider when using this one… It becomes a problem when, because it’s all connected, you don’t have much autonomy on the website. In a situation where you need to modify a single thing on the structure, doing this, you would modify the whole software and, probably, it wouldn't be working as it used to, anymore. Monolithic architecture is applied in a monoblock code, which means it is less flexible since the program is contained in a single database, so that all functionalities assigned to it work at the same time, overloading service performance. Then, when you need to change something on it, it impacts the whole chain. And because of that, it becomes a software that is hard to scale, deploy and, even worse, to maintain.

Microservices On the other hand, Microservices offers the complete opposite of it, since it’s not connected as the monolithic architecture. It is basically the creation of a dynamic software development system, in which each service works self-sufficiently. It decentralizes the configuration of applications, promoting an optimized performance of a user on the website interface, for example. Now, because all things have their own place to be, we don’t face the problems you would have, with the monolithic one! You won’t get stuck in the software chain, when changing components on the software. It offers a solution for companies, when providing them to react more quickly to new demands. In addition to that, since it's a modern architecture, you're sure to see significant benefits on the organization's throughput process. It has a seamless integration and delivery, making it easy to deploy and test new ideas or even reverse it, if needed. Despite the fact that, once it’s not all connected, you have a well-divided software and, different from the other one, you will have a much more scalable software. But be careful, it will not work on all types of softwares. For example, there is no point to separate a small application into other parts that are even smaller. That’s why, once you’ve decided to implement the Microservices into your software, it has to be analyzed and verified by professionals, in order to ensure that your software chain will not cause trouble when trying to help. Conclusion If now, after seeing this option that may help your website to have better performance, and you don’t know how to use the tools or even just need more quality and flexibility on your website, our advice is you to look for a company with a dedicated team to do this work for you.

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The world is changing and in the digital market world isn't that different.

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