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About US

Jolifox is a Brazilian company, created to help you to design, develop, evolve and sell business solutions through software development, product design, and digital marketing.

We build high-performing software solutions in multiple programming languages using the newest architectures to improve your business growth and scale. Also, we provide user-oriented frontend services focused on delivering beautiful, modern, and user-friendly designs of companies' applications, web portals, and mobile products and we use creative and innovative digital marketing strategies that enable more assertiveness in communicating with your audience.

Our work model encourages clients’ participation in all stages of the project, inputting ideas and setting up rules and goals. Our team will help you in all steps, bringing some new ideas, possibilities, and advice.

We are sure that using the latest technologies, tools, and strategies your company will keep up with all changes in the modern world and will grow faster than ever.

We can help you with that.


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