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Do you have a digital project to be accomplished?

But you don’t know where to start or which skills you need for this project.

You probably searched for some companies to help you.

But you always find standard services or answers:

You should hire only the developers that are top 1%.


Build a multi-talented team with at least three people.


You need to have someone that implements testing and continuous integration.


You have to build your solution in some specific programming language.

We got you!
That’s not what you  want.

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Or need

Like people,
businesses are different.

There are big and small companies in many niches and market segments.

What the majority of the companies don’t tell you:

Most technology solutions don’t need the most experienced developers. In fact, most projects are easy to create, but it takes a reasonable effort to build every single piece.

And we know that a variety of businesses don’t have enough budget to hire four or five new people to join their staff.

Also, Testing and Continuous integration are excellent, but it doesn’t make sense to implement them in small projects or MVPs.

Code language is not something that needs to drive your entire project. In most cases, most of the main languages can be used to accomplish your goals.

But companies that want to sell their products no matter how, keep saying that you need all of those things.

We don’t look for that. 

We don’t search for clients.

We search for partners.

About Us

Working with hand-selected clients, we build a true partnership

Instead of handling multiple projects simultaneously and not giving them the proper support.

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Jolifox  demystifies software development and makes it easier for companies to automate processes or provide services through digital solutions.

Providing you with what you really need, not just what's a market trend.


We gather a team according to your needs

considering your project, management capacity, budget, and in each stage you already are, always focusing on the delivery quality.

Even if you don’t know about software development, we are going to answer all of your questions and show all the possible solutions to guide you towards your goals.

We have aid companies and governments around the world

 to accomplish their objectives.

  • Created systems to automate financial departments.

  • Built custom marketplaces to sell products for wholesales company

  • Produced solutions to analyze code and notify about threats or security fails

  • Made websites to test custom AI scripts and rank them

  • Developed an IT school platform to manage students and their state and performance

  • Designed brands and company digital assets for many customers

  • Advised and implement SEO and SEM strategies

  • And many others

complete digital advice and development company

So, we are not just developers but a

Would you like to have a hand-tailored solution?

Let’s talk   to see if we match.

Thank you very much.

We will get in touch with you soon

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